Growing up in my home everyone tinkered, wrote, played instruments & did crafts. My grandfather built his own furniture and could fix anything (maybe not anything, but to me he was a superhero!).  If my barbies needed a new look, my grandmother had a hand-crafted wardrobe ready for them. My sister would cure my boredom by turning me into a cat (with face paint, not magic). It’s no wonder I am head over heels for all things creative.

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Core Values

01. Love

I believe in good design, but more importantly, good relationships.  I do my best to give & encourage love, grace and respect. I don't always win in this area but I believe w/o love I am nothing


I care about people, and our world. I donate time & profits to causes I feel passionate about, and I use upcycled & green materials whenever possible.

03. Wisdom

In today's society we are told to work harder at the expense of our health and relationships. I look for ways to work smarter not harder and I encourage others to do the same. 

04. Creativity

You'll often catch me making something rad with my little girl. I'm all for exploring creativity, sharing skills & learning with others through making with our hands. 


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RCO is based in the Manhattan facing suburbs of  New Jersey, yet I am available for hire no matter your location.