THE RCO Design for Good INITIATIVE & how you can help

Design is defined as purpose, planning, or intention that exists behind an action or material object. Some synonyms are; intention, aim and purpose. RCO’s intention, aim and purpose is to use our gifts to help address the problems people face. 

The Budget Savvy Bride Project:

I have a passion for encouraging healthy marriages and know many couples are not getting married because they feel they can't afford it, or aren't ready. Before my husband and I got married we were living on a very low income and thought there was no way we could afford it. We wanted to incorporate meaningful details and celebrate with our families on our wedding day. More so, we wanted to be "prepared" and understand what marriage really meant. We were able to get married on a super small budget of $2,000, and we have had such sweet support from seasoned couples along the way. 

We were blessed to have friends and family that helped make our wedding happen, but not everyone is able to DIY their entire wedding or hunt for discounted and interesting pieces at thrift and antique shops. Not everyone has friends and family who will help with catering and room flips, and not everyone has someone who will encourage you to learn what a healthy marriage really is, instead of suggesting you run for the hills the second somethings doesnt feel good. 

My team and I are experts at bringing ideas to life on a budget and we want to see more marriages develop in a healthy way. We want to help! RCO donates a percentage of profits & we offers wedding clients the option to help too. We suggest ideas on taking a budget savvy approach in one, or more, areas of our clients wedding day details. Any percentage of the funds saved can then be donated to help cover the cost in helping low-income, and disability or illnesses facing couples, fund their wedding dreams. No amount is too small.

Donated funds will go toward our Gift of Service Package. This package include, a gift box filled with relationship and marriage building related books + other fun gifts for the couple. A month of coordination and a day of styling package is given to couples who meet application requirements at no cost to them.  

The Mom-entum Project:

We help make free life and career development coaching possible for moms facing disability, mental illness, poverty and homelessness. We work with mentors, and psychology and business development professionals to help moms reach their professional goals, but more importantly support a healthy lifestyle for their families. A portion of our profits are donated to helping the moms we serve in a number of ways. Each person's needs are specific to their situation. We work one-on-one with moms to advocate for healthy family relationships, quality education and equality. 

If you need help, or know someone who does, reach out to us by emailing

If you can give help please email us as well!